Electromechanical Pressure Gauges

 Mechatronical pressure gauges standard are a logically consistent development of the proven contact pressure gauges. In addition to the visual display, they provide an output signal for processing in programmable controllers or intelligent measuring systems.

- Standard Pressure Gauges: up to 400 bar.
- Heavy Duty Pressure Gauges: are suitable for controlling or regulating process sequences.
- Corrosion-Resistance Pressure Gauges: All stainless steel pressure gauges with electrical alarm contacts or current output are ideal for the hard conditions and the resulting high demands on pressure measurement in production facilities in chemical industry and other comparable branches
- High Pressure & Ultrahigh Pressure Gauges: up to 10,000 bar.
- Absolute Pressure & Differential Pressure Gauges are Available also.
- Higher Corrosion Resistance Pressure Gauges: The use of high quality materials such as stainless steel makes the measuring system and the case resistant against chemically aggressive media and ambient