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Nestle - Jordan Training

Technical Center for Industrial Services  - TEC – has conducted a training about “ Basic Electro-Pneumatic” for Nestle – Jordan, the training was held in the factory facility in Ma’an.

(10 Jul 2017)

Open Day Participation at Zarqaa University

Technical Center for Industrial Services- TEC has participated in the open day at Zarqa University which was held for Mechanical & Energy engineering students.


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(22 Dec 2016)

A lecture on “Introduction for Pneumatic Systems” was carried out at JEA

The Technical Center for Industrial Services - TEC - in cooperation with Festo-MENA has conducted a lecture about "Introduction of Pneumatic Systems"  at JEA- Mechanical Engineering Division.

(1 Nov 2016)

Effective participation in Festo Regional Training

Technical Center for Industrial Services -TEC- has demonstrated two of their success stories in the year 2016 with other Festo - MENA distributors.

(9 Oct 2016)

Participating in "the Scientific Day" at the Hashemite University

(1 Jun 2015)

Participating in "the Third Scientific Day" - at the Zarqa University

Techincal Center for Industrial Services - TEC- has participated in the Scientific Day titled "Scientific Research and Industry" in Zarqa Univerisy.


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(18 May 2015)

TEC won the 1st place in Festo MENA’s Best Practice Competition

Technical Center has won the first place in “Best Practice” competition among all other agents within the MENA region, the competition was organized by Festo MENA during their annual training.


(18 Apr 2014)

Participation in "Mechatronics OutReach Day" at the University of Jordan

(14 Nov 2013)

TEC’s presentation on “Mechatronics day” – Philadelphia University

The GM Mustafa Sha’ban carried out a presentation titled “ Mechatronics & Industry” on the National Mechatronics day at Philidelphia University


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(23 Apr 2013)

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